Daily operation

We suggest that you observe the manufacturer's recommendations and procedures for maintenance works. These usually offer a number of important instructions, allowing you to ensure trouble-free operation of your final drives.

There are several tips, however, which are good to apply to operating your final drives:

- check oil level regularly, preferably once a month (or more frequently, if the machine is operated with high intensity),

- check for other leaks from the planetary gears and hydraulic motor when inspecting oil level,

- change oil every 250-500 service hours (or once a year, if the machine is scarcely operated). We recommend Shell Spirax 80W90.

Follow the following guidelines for changing oil:

- change oil when the planetary gear is still hot, since it will facilitate draining the old oil,

- take a close look at the drained oil to see if it contains any metallic parts,

- fill the final drive with new oil. The required level is usually slightly above 50% - look at the sample picture.



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