Our company

KETRAL company is the leading supplier of new, as well as used spare parts for tracked machines on the Polish market. We specialize in selling high-quality planetary gears and undercarriage parts for tracked machines. Feel free to file any requests for quotation of final drives for your excavator, crusher, or other tracked machine, as well as for any individual parts of undercarriage.

"We exist to keep your machines moving”

This line has also become our motto, which we put into practice every day by helping tracked machine users. One of the more important aspects allowing us to fulfill our goals are our storage facilities, making it possible for us to offer several-odd thousand parts and subassemblies directly from our warehouses, thus reducing end-user delivery times to minimum.

The history of cur company dates back to the 90's, when a man later to become our co-owner worked with his family in car spares sales, later extending his offer to construction machines spares. As an individual entity, we were established in year 2005. At that time, our assortment included final drives and undercarriage parts, a broad range of equipment for construction machines, as well as complete machines, including excavators, loaders and bulldozers. Our sale was based mainly on parts coming from decommissioning of machines. In a short period of time we also introduced for sale new final drives, and then new undercarriage parts. The position of our company grew higher each year, eventually making the company become the leading supplier of tracked machine spares on the domestic market.