Quality and availability

Final drives are used in various tracked machines, mostly including excavators and mini-excavators, but they work just as well in drill rigs, piling machines, cranes or mobile crushers. Compact dimensions, high-torque engine and possibility of installing a sprocket directly to the gear case are only some of the numerous advantages of the final drives sold by KETRAL company. We may also list a number of other benefits that complete drive units with hydraulic motors have. The first benefit of complete drives are two driving speeds (hydraulic motors with variable output were used) and mechanical brakes that are very useful in every-day operation. Hydraulic motors, in combination with planetary gears, offer unrivaled possibilities of application. Hydraulic motors allow to use high working pressures, and thanks to their variable efficiency it is possible to effectively change speed. Additionally, hydraulic motors, due to their specific structure, minimize vibrations when starting and stopping the planetary gear. Thanks to the use of negative brake, a possibility was achieved of its automatic enabling after motor start, and automatic engagement after hydraulic stop. Long life of planetary gears was achieved by simplifying their structure, and ensuring very high level of precision of making of individual elements. Also, bearings of increased life and symmetrically designed sealing elements, preventing penetration of water and other contamination into the final drives, were applied.

Complete drive units sold at KETRAL come exclusively from leading manufacturers on the market, and are suitable for heavy-duty work. Our additional benefit is high availability of the drive units sold by us. We offer complete final drives for nearly each tracked machine with excavator-type chassis, or we can offer alternative solution.


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