The guarantee of quality

Currently, the Polish brand new spares market offers several categories of parts. You may purchase original spares (OEM), as well as third-party aftermarket parts. The choice of aftermarket parts is very broad, and it may be challenging to make the right choice. So, which criteria should we have in mind when purchasing aftermarket spares, and which of them will fulfill the requirements of the machine owner? If you are asking this question, then you are in the right place. Our offer comprehensively covers the tracked chassis branch (ranging from final drives down to each metallic element of a undercarriage parts). In order to meet all your expectations, we offer the most beneficial solutions within the scope mentioned. Our permanent offer includes selected products coming from leading industry manufacturers.

Our products are a guarantee of making the best choice, with the highest value for money. When choosing the products recommended by our company, you are saving time and money due to reduction in machine downtimes. Also, the products offered by us come from manufacturers, whose production is mostly based on delivering OEM products.

What makes our company stand out from the competition? The fact that we strive for perfection in all that we commit to. Therefore, the products offered by us are subject to careful inspection after delivery. At this stage we eliminate any items that may have any visible defects, occurring e.g. during transport. Another stage is checking the given delivery material-wise, e.g. whether appropriate hardness of individual parts has been maintained. After performing careful selection, the products are sealed with our logo and subjected to conservation process (and often lacquering). Then, the merchandise is sent to our storage, from which it may be dispatched to the client immediately..

In collaborating with us, you are investing in a reliable business partner who will help you return your machines to their hard work.


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