Undercarriages - General information

Each tracked machine requires periodical replacement of tracked undercarriage parts. Particularly in case of bulldozers, the costs resulting from replacement or repair of undercarriage may amount for up to 50% of maintenance costs of your machine. We realize that a single weak link in the entire chassis system may cause an avalanche of other problems. Therefore, individual undercarriage elements should be designed integrally. All components must be carefully fitted, ensuring adequate tolerance, strength and hardness, to optimally prolong their life. Wear of individual elements may not be eliminated completely, but the process can be optimized to minimize repair costs.

Our advisors will gladly suggest optimum solutions in terms of undercarriage components, to minimize your costs related to their replacement and operation. Therefore, if you are seeking optimum solutions for your machine, then - regardless of whether it is an excavator, crusher or other Cat, Case, Komatsu, HSW, Liebherr, Volvo or other brand machine, remember that we will always make every endeavour to help you.


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